10 Actors Who Are Being Approached By HBO for The GOT Prequel Movie


For almost three years now, a lot of rumors from reliable sources like Denofgeek.com, have been exploding on the internet with the possibility of a Game of Thrones prequel, written by George R.R. Martin.

A renowned visual effects outsourcing firm from India has worked on many effects for the GOT project. They have now released few intricate details about the cast and the concepts designs for the Game of Thrones Prequel.

The prequel has a code name; “Robert’s Rebellion.” So, going by the rumors, the prequel movie will cast some of the big actors from the TV and Movie industries.

Take a look at some of the actors who are being discussed for the show’s main roles.

1. James Mcavoy As Eddard Stark

2. Sophie Cookson As Catelyn Tully

3. Peter Capaldi As Aerys Targaryen

4. Naomi Watts As Rhaella Targaryen

5. Charlie Cox As Rhaegar Targaryen

6. Henry Cavill As Robert Baratheon

7. Tony Curran As Tywin Lannister

8. Imogen Poots As Cersei Lannister

9. Taron Egerton As Jaime Lannister

10. Aaron Taylor-Johnson As Benjen Stark

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