Top 9 Action/ Sci-Fi Cartoons Of The 80’s


If you were kids in the 80’s, remember, how you rushed home from primary school, and plopped down before the TV to watchaction cartoons? The cartoons of the 1980s took up the topic of good versus evil and taught all of us essential ethics and life lessons. We literally grew up on them, isn’t it? Well, I am here to present to you the most definitive rundown of the best and boldest 1980s action series. So, here goes….

9.) M.A.S.K.

M.A.S.K — another way to say “Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand” was another illustration of a bold, half-hour plastic schillery showcase. Appearing in 1985, M.A.S.K. was really a truly strong series with some delightful action. It showcased a privatized group of thinkers, adventurers and badasses who steered transforming vehicles like the Thunderhawk (a Camaro Z-28 that transformed into a plane, or the Gator, a jeep that shot out a speedboat). They fought the insidious powers of V.E.N.O.M. (Vicious Evil Network Of Mayhem) around the globe. The biggest drawback of the series was the screen time dedicated to MASK’s pioneer Matt Trakker’s whiny child Scott, and Scott’s irritating robot sidekick T-Bob.

8.) ThunderCats

Do you recall Thunder… THUNDER… THUNDERCATS… HOOOOOOOOO!!!! Beyond any doubt, we adored our talking and walking, animal legends in the 1980s, isn’t it? The ThunderCats  werea band of Cat-individuals who got away from their decimated universe of Thundera in a starship and settled on another planet known as “Third Earth.” Together, they attempted to repel assaults by an antiquated evil Mummy named Mumm-Ra. By one means or another they would wake up each day and continue living with an irritating sidekick animal named Snarf. There weren’t many life lessons being administered here; The ThunderCats was brazen action figure shills and they were damn great ones, as well. The show kept running for more than four years. For the 80’s that’s a remarkable time.

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