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XStation Console Combines Playstation 4 And Xbox One Into A Single Device! [Video Inside]

XStation Console Combines Playstation 4 And Xbox One Into A Single Device! [Video Inside]

The fanboys have battled for years to prove their favorite console is the best in the market. You can find these altercations even today, just check the comment section of any Youtube video that features “AAA Exclusive Title” for any console.

But it looks like that battle can end very soon! A console modder named Eddie Zarick has created a 2-in-1 console called XStation, that combines both the consoles in a single machine. Zarick is the same guy, who had invented the Playstation 4 Laptop.

The XStation has one HDMI port that can play the video feed on your  TVs from both the consoles. This unique unofficial console is built by combining the parts from both the consoles, PS4 and X-Box One S. Once the lone HDMI is connected to your TV set, the user can switch between the consoles just by the flick of a button.

There is only one power source for both the consoles, but the consoles have separate USB ports, disc slots and ejection button for the convenience. Zarick has planted a smart LED light that tells you which console is in action right now.

Zarick has not confirmed if he is going to do a mass production like he is doing with his Playstation Laptop, but he has hinted this “Fun Project Is Just To Show.” He may face some copyright or product regulation issues if decides to XStation, at this moment, we will have to wait and see. You can watch the full functioning of Station in the below!

Would you buy this if the modder decides to sell it?

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