Wonder Woman Is Confirmed For Flashpoint Movie – Is She A Villain?

Wonder Woman Is Confirmed For Flashpoint Movie – Is She A Villain?

Gal Gadot’s return for the Flashpoint movie as Wonder Woman has been confirmed. Many have questioned this decision to cast Gadot and doubts over her ability to embody Wonder Woman has vanished. She made a great first impression in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice despite short screen time. The burst onto the big screen in her own movie as Wonder Woman has dominated the box office. She has received a big push in the marketing for Justice League with her shaping up to be the face of the DCEU.

Warner Bros. is looking to aim at the same by fast-tracking Wonder Woman 2 for a 2019 release. There were reports saying that Wonder Woman will appear in Flashpoint.

In a report on Gadot’s next non-DCEU roles, Deadline touched upon her future in DC cinematic universe. They confirmed that she will reprise the role as Wonder Woman. While this does not come from Warner Bros., it is the second source to report that Gadot will appear in Ezra Miller’s Flash.

In the alternate reality comic book story, Wonder Woman serves as the villain along with Aquaman. Superman, Cyborg, and Batman appear, so confirmations of Jason Momoa, Henry Cavill, Ray Fisher, and/or Jeffrey Dean Morgan showing up in the Flashpoint movie could be arriving in the coming months.


That said, Flashpoint still has quite a ways to go before it hits theaters and audiences get to see Gadot back on the big screen again. WB has yet to officially name a director, but the latest report names Robert Zemeckis as the favorite to direct. Once a director is named, said helmsman will then have to finalize the script. The studio is reportedly looking at 2020 for the release of Flashpoint, so they still have plenty of time to figure all these things out.

Should that targeted release year be true, then it would mark consecutive years that Gadot appears as Wonder Woman. Plus, if WB/DC find a way for her to cameo in Aquaman as well, she could string together five years in a row of making at least one appearance as the DCEU’s Wonder Woman.

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