Will ‘The Flash War’ Decide The Best DC Flash?

Will ‘The Flash War’ Decide The Best DC Flash?

DC’s Rebirth gave stardom to both Barry Allen and Wally West, however, once The Flash War starts, only one of them will be the winner. While comic book fans are relishing the thrills of DC’s METAL where the evil Batmen are rewriting the origin story of DC’s Multiverse, The Flash War has now appeared on the horizon. Now that the Doomsday Clock hints at providing the answers to the Rebirth mystery. The Flash War seems to be the answer to what’s lying ahead. It is one thing to reveal the truth of DC’s comic history, but, starting “a new age of heroes” is the most anticipated thing for the superhero fans.

Writer Joshua Williamson promises the same as the guy who is going to answer the frequently asked question; which one is the best Flash ever: Is it Barry Allen or Wally West? These two have a bond which is rare for other legacy heroes. Thus, a full-fledged battle is unlikely. However, since both live as “a Flash” instead of “The Flash” in DC’s Rebirth, it won’t be long before an order of hierarchy will be created.

The older comic book fans and purists, and even those who are fans of The CW show might consider Barry to be the one. He was the original Flash who put on the suit, found the Speed Force, and introduced the Flash’s story into the modern era of science fiction. Also when DC rebooted its New 52 Universe from the start, Barry was the guy in the limelight, whereas Wally was wiped out.

This is the reason why it will be even more interesting to look at the artwork for The Flash War’s first introductory chapter, releasing this month. It offers a choice, and this time Barry is not making it.

Howard Porter’s art doesn’t pose tough questions for Wally West, a guy who has made his way back into the DC Universe, but, is nothing like his earlier self. Wally was the hero of Keystone City, a doting husband, and father, but, now he is a Titan. Now, the time has come for Wally to move ahead. Putting on the suit that he made upon his resurrection during Rebirth, and holding Kid Flash’s suit – the hero shadowed by Barry Allen – his own Flash suit – the hero he became after Barry’s death – it all means something. The Flash War is up ahead. However, we can’t be sure about the extent of Barry’s involvement. Fans won’t be upset even if it happens to be out and out Wally West story.

The artwork is where the fans would want to focus when The Flash War build up starts with The Flash Annual #1, releasing in comic book stores, and on digital platforms on January 31st. The subsequent events shown in The Flash and Titans will then on take Barry Allen and Wally West in the direction of the ‘War’, and will disclose the way it will create a ‘new age’ of DC heroes. Stay assured as we are following the story’s development closely.

Would you read the Prelude and The Flash War when it starts shaping up over the course of the year? Do you wish to see what it does to the future and motives of Barry Allen and Wally West? If we ask you to bet, then who would you rate as the “best Flash” in the DC Universe? Go ahead and give it a thought!

The Flash Annual #1 will be out in stores on January 31, 2018. The Flash War starts with issue #46 in April 2018.

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