Will Diablo Return From The Dead in Suicide Squad 2?

Will Diablo Return From The Dead in Suicide Squad 2?

Time is fast approaching for Suicide Squad 2 to start filming, and we think that Jay Hernandez might be coming back as Diablo.

Suicide Squad had received a lot of criticism for its hap-hazard editing, but, it has got a wonderful cast. The Squad’s shape changed as the movie progressed, and the villains slowly became a family. Sadly, by the end of the movie, this family was torn apart when Diablo had to give up his life to beat the Incubus.

Suicide Squad fans better identify Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flagg, and he posted a work out image on social media to indicate that the sequel is all set to start shooting. It was interesting to see how Jay Hernandez was also with the other cast members.

Diablo’s sacrifice was among the most impactful sequences of Suicide Squad. He’d “already lost one family,” and the fire guy was determined not to lose another. Consequently, he powered up to a massive level and took on Incubus. While even at the top of his powers, Diablo was not able to beat his enemy, but, he was able to fool the Incubus to stand on top of an explosive, long enough until the bomb was detonated.

It definitely looked like the end of Diablo, but, Hernandez has stressed that fans shouldn’t think that Diablo is over. “Let’s just say he’s a metahuman,” Hernandez quipped. “What are you going to do? There are possibilities there.” Considering the fire-power of Diablo, the fact that he could have survived a blast of fire gives Warner Bros. an option.

Among the Suicide Squad, Diablo was the most caring one. While he remained aloof mostly, the much-abused pyrokinetic slowly warmed up to the scenario where he could again be related to someone. Diablo was the one who considered Task Force X to be more than a team, he thought of them as his new family. If he had died, it would leave Suicide Squad incomplete and devoid of that emotional bond. The truth is, the Task Force X needs Diablo to bind them all together.

However, we have only seen a social media post as of now, and it would be too early to be sure about Diablo coming back to Suicide Squad 2. But, Hernandez is definitely posing in this workout photo alongside Joel Kinnaman and Jai Courtney. Thus, he is bound to be involved in some way.

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