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Trump Supporters Are Cancelling Their “Rogue One” Tickets, And They Don’t Even Know, WHY?

Trump Supporters Are Cancelling Their “Rogue One” Tickets, And They Don’t Even Know, WHY?

Fake news is the new buzz word on the internet since the U.S election results came out. A majority of US residents believe that false stories against Hillary Clinton generated on the social media platform led to Trump’s win. Well, recently even Star Wars got infected by false news, racial hate and partisan politics. All of a sudden the white supremacists Trump supporters started to share tweets with #DumpStarWars, because they believe the re-shoots which happened a few months back were actually done to inject anti-trump sentiments.

Jack Posebiac, a passionate Trump supporter and who has been a mouthpiece for Alt-Right movement declared that Rogue One is an Anti-White/Anti-Trump movie which is lead by Jew people, who want to inculcate negativity towards Trump supporters and over all white people.

Now, we are going to break down this fiasco in smaller pieces, and you will see that why Geek Fandom should never mix “Political alignments” and “Entertainment” together because ultimately it makes the fans Look like a fool. So here’s where everything started:-

Last Month Chris Weitz, one of the writers from Rogue One shared a tweet featuring the safety pin on the Rogue One logo, showing his resentment towards Donald Trump’s win. Following that, he tweeted “Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organization.” On top of it, Merry Whitta another Star Wars writers, tweeted, “Opposed by a multi-cultural group led by brave women.”

These tweets faced backlash from Trump followers and were immediately deleted. Chris even apologized for the tweets.

Jack Posobiec got the attention of these tweets and gave it a hateful spin with his two tweets that went viral in no time! #DumpStarWars

When Jack saw that his tweets are getting viral, he shared another tweet about the reshoots of Rogue One. He told the world that intention behind reshoots is to add negative content against Trump’s persona and white people.

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