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Top 10 Hot Animated Women Most Men Have Probably Day Dreamed About.

Top 10 Hot Animated Women Most Men Have Probably Day Dreamed About.

In today’s time animation is no longer the kids’ Saturday morning cartoon shows. Animation is now a big time business and what is being sold to the consumers is desire.

Adolescents and adults today can both openly admit about fantasizing and having crushes on many animated hot women. What would have once been branded as weird and unacceptable is now not just expected but is encouraged at certain times.

With these thoughts in mind, let us have a look at these hottest animated female characters that many men would simply give anything to spend an evening with.

10. She-Ra from the cartoon She-Ra


Television series and cartoons today are filled with female superheroes. These different heroines bring into light their own talents, skills and skimpy getups into this genre. But in the 1980s, the outstanding female cartoon heroine was She-Ra.

This female warrior, a princess, was brought into creation to balance the powerful genders in the He-Man franchise. Just as the hero He-Man moved about in his underwear, She-Ra’s costume didn’t exactly cover everything up either. She was portrayed in a dress that was so high that one could almost see her “Power of Eternia”. This dressing style and a powerful attitude turned her into a sex symbols in the 1980s.


9. Stripperella from the animated series Stripperella


It is difficult to conceive a sexy animated characters list without including the name of Stripperella. Since, her primary purpose is to be sexually enticing and with a given name like Stripperella, it is not difficult to imagine the intended and targeted audience behind this piece of work.

Erotica Jones, by profession, is a stripper by day and a crime-fighting super heroine by night. She turns into an action packed vixen who is super-spy. This amazing gadgets wielding heroine, Stripperella, is like a sexy female version of James Bond.


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