Thor: Ragnarok’s Ending Will Lead To A Very Horrifying Twist In Avengers Infinity War

Thor: Ragnarok’s Ending Will Lead To A Very Horrifying Twist In Avengers Infinity War

Taika Watiti’s comic adaptation of the fan-favorite comic book arc did not score a lot of points in the form of loyalty to the source material, but it funny. Fans loved it. Thor: Ragnarok had smashed the box office and had created records as a blockbuster. No MCU movie has come this close to the level of success and applause Thor: Ragnarok has garnered.

The movie had shown the majestically stoic and aloof God of Thunder in a different light. It showed that Thor was more human than we thought. He had a sense of humor, horrible pick up lines, a sense of rivalry with the Hulk and an inferiority complex. Nothing can get more human than this. Thor’s portrayal in this movie was loved, and fans roared in happiness when Thor became the leader of his people.

When the mid-credits scene had shown the Asgardians encountering Thanos’s ship and the impending doom, all things went downhill.

The Infinity War trailer gave proof of what Thor had always feared, and it is not Loki. The Trailer had shown Loki offering the Tesseract, the Space Gem to an unknown figure. But it is not his betrayal that we are talking about. Loki may be the God of Mischief, but he cannot spell a doom as horrible on his brother.

The coming chapters of Thor in MCU will be the most intriguing to see because he will be the King of none. If what we believe is true, Thanos will purge the Asgardians aboard the ship leaving Thor as the sole survivor.

For those who have seen Thor: Ragnarok, you will know the fate of the Asgardians after the events of the movie. Hela is on the throne of Asgard after Odin dies. Thor loses his hammer and is sent with Loki to Sakaar where they meet Hulk and Valkyrie.

Thor realizes what his father meant when he had said: “Asgard is not a place, but a people.”

All seems well until the refugee ship that the Asgardians used to escape encounter Thanos’s massive ship.

The trailer shows Thor floating in Space, and he is rescued by the Guardians of the Galaxy. Loki is shown walking over corpses of his own people.

What happens next?

The trailer shows dead Asgardian bodies as Loki holds the tesseract and offers it to someone. That ‘someone’ is too short and not as bulky as Thanos and our next guess is Ebony Maw – Thanos’s child.

In the comics, Ebony Maw’s talent is not in combat but psychological manipulation. He can destroy, torment and torture with his devious ways.

Considering that there is no other way, Loki decides that it is better to offer the one thing his enemy desires before any more life is lost. With Thanos eyeing them, the fate of the entire crew of the refugee ship is now uncertain.

Thor is picked up by the Guardians and taken up aboard the Milano. Is he planning to attack Thanos? Is that revenge for killing his people? Where is Loki? Is he dead?

Thor might be the only one who knows about Thanos and his quest for the Infinity Stones. He will not allow Thanos to take more from him as he has lost a lot. The heroes of Earth need to be warned before it is too late. The Guardians need to get Thor to Earth as soon as possible.

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