This Is What John Cena May Look Like As Shazam!

This Is What John Cena May Look Like As Shazam!

The Pre-production on Shazam! just got underway but DC Films is not wasting time with casting. A report suggested that John Cena is a frontrunner to play Shazam. One artist imagined what he would look like as the superhero.

BossLogic posted on Twitter, a fan-art he did of Cena as Shazam. The actor is seen covering the poster with his buzzed hairstyle. Cena wears Shazam’s red and yellow costume and has a golden cape.

The imaging of Cena’s Shazam is joined by a drawing of Billy Batson. The boy is seen charging his power below his superhero alter-ego.

Cena is an up-and-coming actor but the star is known for his wrestling career. He starred in Trainwreck and Sisters as of late. Cena has voiced for Ferdinard and currently-filming Bumblebee spinoff movie.

A report from That Hashtag Show claims that the actor is a frontrunner to play the hero with Joshua Sasse. We don’t know if Cena will officially get the role of Shazam, but fans have hope. David F. Sandberg hinted official casting news would be announced soon.

Shazam! is in pre-production. When the film was announced, it was to release on April 5, 2019, but the date has changed.

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