‘The Vampire Diaries’ Star Ian Somerhalder Sits in ‘Aquaman’s Lap in Viral Photo

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Star Ian Somerhalder Sits in ‘Aquaman’s Lap in Viral Photo

A vampire steps into a private jet plane with Aquaman and the internet is delighted by it.

Ian Somerhalder, renowned for his role in The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, recently revealed a photograph which showed him sitting on Jason Momoa’s lap. Have a look at it below.

The photograph depicting the duo has now gathered over a million likes on Instagram, and it was clicked during a flight to Wizard World New Orleans. If you get confused by the caption’s mention of the Marvel legend Stan Lee, there is a post from Momoa which can serve as the context.

Apparently, Jason Momoa was under the impression that Stan Lee would be on the flight with him, but, he had to contend with Somerhalder.

Jason Momoa won the fans with his appearance in Justice League, and now he is all set to once again play Arthur Curry/Aquaman in the upcoming Aquaman solo film. Momoa had recently stated during an interview that the movie would introduce a new variety on screen.

“I love the fact that he is half-and-half [half Atlantean, half human],” Momoa revealed. “I can really relate, being born in Hawaii and raised in Iowa … (and him) Coming from this Atlantis-Hawaii and not really feeling accepted in either place. I think there’s a lot of kids out there that feel that from broken homes, so it’s cool to see him deal with that,” Momoa said.

Aquaman is scheduled for release on December 21, 2018.

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