The Last Jedi Trailer: 8 Things Taken Notice Of By Ardent Fans

3. The walkers strike once more

It’s not out in the open as yet, but The Last Jedi is drawing various correlations with The Empire Strikes Back. Not only is The Last Jedi the second film in a proposed trilogy, but also Adam Driver, AKA Kylo Ren, himself said that, similar to Empire, The Last Jedi will have an altogether different, and perhaps darker, tone than its forerunner.
Based on The Last Jedi’s trailer, the similitudes may be significantly deeper. In one of shots, a squadron of new offbeat looking ships speed over a barren landscape, throwing billows of red dust behind them. But where are they headed? If you look closely, you’ll notice a squadron of First Order Walkers approaching, gradually advancing to the battlefield.
It’s not precisely like The Empire Strikes Back. As it is, the planet (which is called Crait) is shrouded in rock hard salt, not snow. In addition to this,the Resistance’s new skimmers look significantly more mobile than the Rebel Alliance’s snowspeeders. However the similitudes are difficult to disregard. As indicated by Rian Johnson, the two sides are battling over “an old rebel base there that is now abandoned.” This is how the Rebels were battling to get away from an assaulted base back amid the Battle of Hoth.


4. Stop us in the event that you’ve heard this one earlier on

When Luke tells Rey to connect with the Force and disclose to him what she sees, the youthful Jedi-in-training has a really straightforward reaction. In any case, if you listen attentively, you can hear some familiar dialogue lines from the first Star Wars trilogy playing in the backdrop as Rey answers.
In particular, just before Rey says, “Light,” Princess Leia whispers, “Help me, Obi-Wan” as now-General Leia shows up on-screen. As Kylo Ren’s smashed helmet fills the frame, Darth Vader’s heavy breathing occupies the soundtrack as Alec Guinness’ Obi-Wan Kenobi expresses, “Seduced by the dark side.” This will make you’ll recall, how old Ben initially portrayed Darth Vader back on Tatooine. Eventually, as the trailer slices to a organic bookshelf loaded with weathered books, Yoda’s scratchy voice says, “Surrounds us, binds us,” setting the state of mind before Rey articulates, “Balance.”


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