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The Last Jedi Theory: Once Again A Significant Character May Die In Star Wars Episode 8.

The Last Jedi Theory: Once Again A Significant Character May Die In Star Wars Episode 8.

The cast individuals from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” have affirmed that the forthcoming film will be “dark.” However, what does that precisely mean? Will there be another huge death like the one in “Force Awakens”?

Well, director Rian Johnson may have given an idea about the plot of the film and which specific character will be in peril. The accompanying article carries potential spoilers.

In an earlier interview with Variety, cast part John Boyega (Finn) prodded that the forthcoming film will be a “different take” from “Force Awakens,” and it will be “darker” and “greater.”

The last is justifiable, on the grounds that the film is supposed to expand on the stories of both heroes and baddies and investigate their past. Toss in the possible climatic fight sequence, and the film is set to take the breath away of fans. Nevertheless, in what manner will it be darker?

Well, cast member Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) echoed a similar tone during his interview with Rolling Stone. This proposes the film won’t just be an action stuffed adventure; it will have emotional scenes too. These scenes might be a piece of the last sequence of fighting. In another interview with Empire Magazine, Johnson had uncovered that the 1949 movie “Twelve O’Clock High” impacted him while choosing the look and feel of an aerial fight scene along with the dynamics between the pilots.

Furthermore, “Twelve O’Clock High” is a movie about a tough general assuming control over an Allied bomber unit and building the pilots fit as a fiddle. The pilots are experiencing low morale, and the general’s task is to rationally train them to take up a suicide mission.

Now, how does this identify with “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”? The film leaks have affirmed that the First Order has assembled a huge ship called the Super Star Destroyer. This ship may replace the Death Star in the last fight, and the Resistance pilots might be entrusted to wreck it. The perfect person for this mission is Poe Dameron. Will he lose his life in this mission?

Isaac disclosed beforehand to GQ Magazine that his character was to die in “Force Awakens.” Yet, in the wake of seeing his execution, that piece of the script was changed. Will Poe eventually die the spin-off? As it is, the signs don’t look great right now.

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