Fans Think Thanos Looks Like Stone Cold Steve Austin

Fans Think Thanos Looks Like Stone Cold Steve Austin

The release of an eagerly awaited trailer is bound to evoke wide-ranging responses from the fans on social media. There are expressions of joy, expectations to ridicule and downright criticism or even abuse. Among the various responses that the Avengers: Infinity War’s trailer received was an unexpected feedback wherein the fans on social media have likened the film’s villain to ex-WWE wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

We first saw Thanos in 2012’s movie Marvel’s The Avengers where he was shown wearing a gold armor and looked fearsome to the audience. In the films that followed, the audience hasn’t really got a proper look at the Mad Titan, but, every visual that followed has made him look nastier and scarier than before.

Now that Thanos is all set to pay a visit to Earth personally and has decided to let go of the armor, fans are finding him less like a cosmic monster and more in the Stone Cold mold who is moving towards the ring to slam open a can on Vince McMahon.

We will need to wait until May 4, 2018, to find out if Thanos will get rid of the similarities drawn to the wrestler or he will indeed do a Stone Cold Stunner to Iron Man before bursting open some beer cans.










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