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Terminator Bonanza for Arnold fans: New Trilogy coming up in 2018

Terminator Bonanza for Arnold fans: New Trilogy coming up in 2018

He couldn’t have been out for too long, and finally, he will be back soon. The best part is that we don’t have to wait long for his return to happen. For quite some time, a buzz has been going around that Terminator creator James Cameron is busy working on a Reboot movie.

The Director himself stated recently that there is a plan for a Trilogy. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger had declared that he would return soon and now he has reconfirmed that he is going to be shooting for a new Terminator movie in 2018.

Playlist broke this news and reported that the 70-year-old superstar would once again take up his deadly android persona in the new movie which would be Terminator 6. They had an extensive interview with the actor wherein he gave brief updates on several upcoming projects including his next Conan Movie, Triplets which shall be the sequel to Twins and of course the much-awaited reboot of the Terminator. His statement below left absolutely no doubt about his imminent return to the silver screen.

“In March next year, I am shooting Terminator 6,’ James Cameron and David Ellison are back on board and then comes a ‘Conan.”

While Arnie didn’t say much about the project in detail, yet what he did say means a lot. For once, he called the film ‘Terminator 6’. We all saw how Terminator Genisys was a colossal failure globally so probably they have now decided to put their bets in a reboot of the series. What remains to be seen is whether the storyline will pick up from where Genisys left or are they going to devise a new storyline altogether based on some time travel or something novel. 

All said and done; it is the assured presence of Arnold that will be the actual binding force and the glue that will keep the brand Terminator intact.

While the rights for Terminator franchise are currently held by David Ellison, James Cameron will take it over in 2019. Judging by the statement of Schwarzenegger, it seems like both of them have teamed up to create this proposed Terminator trilogy. There was also some talk about Deadpool director Tim Miller helming the director’s role for the new Terminator film.

James Cameron is already committed for the next few years to the Avatar franchise with as many as four sequels in the works. Therefore, it is unlikely that he will be getting deeply involved with the production of this film. However, having Cameron on board in whichever capacity he deems fit will always be a plus point for the movie.

We must not also ignore the fact that Arnie is prone to gossip and it is not as if everything he claims, ends up materializing. For example, the Conan movie that he has been so vocal about is not happening as per the last update from the writer Chris Morgan. Even the ‘Twins’ sequel has repeatedly been mentioned by Schwarzenegger in the last couple of years, but, we are yet to see it happen. What lays credence to the Terminator grapevine is the fact that both James Cameron and David Ellison have spoken about the Terminator Reboot this year.

As of now, we the fans can only hope for that they soon create something that stands up to the legacy of Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Last, but, not the least, even if nothing happens on this front, we do have the 3D release of Terminator 2 to look forward to in 2018.

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