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Star Wars: Why Do We Need A Darth Vader Solo Film?

Star Wars: Why Do We Need A Darth Vader Solo Film?

Rogue One is a solo film outside yet very much central to the Star Wars canon, and it received an immensely positive response. Its retro look facilitates a smooth merger into A New Hope, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has a great deal of revelations that captivated the audiences. Despite the tremendous success of the film, there has been a great demand for a Darth Vader anthology to be made.

So far Darth Vader has been enigmatic. His origin is not unknown. We saw in Episodes 1-3 how Anakin Skywalker went on to become the world’s most ruthless villain wearing a shiny black suit. Still, there are a lot of unanswered questions about Vader such as what he did between Episode 3 and Episode 4? Where was the Emperor? Did he have any regrets and if yes, then did he confide with anyone? Was it true that one of the Jedi’s had once managed to read Vader’s thoughts? The legendary villain in the black cloak, the black helmet is known to us, yet, we don’t really know him. That’s why it is essential that a Darth Vader solo movie has to be made.

Darth Vader Is An All Time Legend

Darth Vader is shown to be such an evil that his name itself scares the daylights out of many. He is pure evil personified. This Sith Lord never allows anyone a light moment. He is ruthless, and he doesn’t need to calculate the outcome as he does what he desires. He is an icon, and you can find him in TV commercials, cereal boxes, costume parties, and of course in theaters whenever Star Wars is playing! Now is the time to give the audience an insight into the behind the dark curtains that have kept his mystery hidden since the 1970s

How Did Darth Vader Find Out About Luke Being His Son?

Vader didn’t know about his son in A New Hope. However, the Emperor told him about his son in The Empire Strikes Back. As per the narrative, Luke, Han, and Leia find themselves in an imperial weapons factory post the battle of Yavin. That’s when Luke had his first duel with Vader. Upon seeing his old lightsaber, Vader became curious about his attacker, and he tasked Boba Fett to find out about it. That’s when Boba went to Tatooine and discovered that the attacker was a Skywalker. While all this is not a part of the films, it is still regarded as canon, and a Darth Vader solo movie can clarify further and update the non-comic book fans.

Darth Vader’s Sith Lord Apprenticeship Deserves Exploration

There are a lot of unknown elements about Darth Vader’s combat training. Did he give up his past existence as Anakin Skywalker to prove his dedication? Did he face troubles during his training? How was his behavior towards other trainees? Did he form any relationships? These and many more questions are there which can be answered by a Darth Vader solo film and can give a clearer origin story to the Sith Lord.

What Happened To Darth Vader Immediately After Revenge Of The Sith?

Rogue One showed an angry Vader and the events of Revenge of the Sith were unprecedented in scope. Anakin Skywalker literally wiped out his links from his family, friends and all remnants of his past for the sake of his relationship. From being a lover who was going to be a father and was a highly respected Jedi who did an absolute turn around to become a SithLord. Not only is the change extreme, but, also the fact that he believes that he made the right choice. As witnessed in Revenge of the Sith, despite all his evil, Vader can at times experience guilt. These and a lot of other twists about Vader can be best explained by a solo film based on him.

The History Behind Darth Vader’s Castle On Mustafar

Mustafar is described as a planet wrapped in lava, that makes it a really intriguing place to begin the Vader film. He lives alone on this lava planet with fire all around him and a burning rage inside. This is one aspect which can be properly explored by the film only as it will deal with the psychological aspects of Vader’s life.

Why Does Darth Vader’s Armor Vary All The Time?

We have seen how Vader’s armor varies from film to film. While sometimes we see him wearing a helmet merged into his armor, at other times, the helmet seems to be an add-on accessory. We wonder if he has different armors for different battles and people interactions. Also, we don’t know about all the support and powers this armor/helmet gives him. All such curious questions about Vader’s iconic armor can be dealt with in a Vader solo film.

Exploring the Darth Vader / Emperor Relationship

We know Anakin was influenced by the Emperor. As seen in Empire Strikes Back, the Emperor has absolute control over Vader and he is the only one who can command the little bit of humanity left in Vader. What’s left to be explored is what kind of equation they have. Whether it is a father-son relationship or a master-servant bond. That’s another thing which we can see in the Vader solo film.

Darth Vader as a Dark Hero

In one of the scenes in Return of the Jedi, Luke told Obi-Wan Kenobi about Darth Vader, that, “There is good in him, I have felt it.” We wonder, what Luke meant by that. A Darth Vader solo film is likely to feature various battles against the rebels which show Vader battle for his existence, and he might just emerge as a Dark hero. Therefore, such a film can present the Star Wars saga in a never before light.

Darth Vader Is An Absolutely Failure As Father

As we saw, Vader came to know about Luke being his son. We wonder if Darth Vader had visions about his demise and he had premonition that he will be killed by his son. We don’t know if Vader has the power to merge the Dark side and the light side due to his past as a Jedi and this ultimately gives him powers of both worlds. There are times when he might have contemplated how he would have been as a father and a family guy? These are angles which can be explored by a Darth Vader solo film only.

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