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So, Here Is An Attractive And Beautiful Pennywise Halloween Costume

So, Here Is An Attractive And Beautiful Pennywise Halloween Costume

Halloween is coming soon and thanks to Warner Bros.’ IT, this will be the year of the clown. In 2016, Halloween parties were full of Harley Quinn and Joker costumes, but this year, there will be many Pennywises.

While some will terrifying the one in IT, others will not try to make him a more appealing and as attractive as possible. While the idea of an ‘attractive and appealing’ #Pennywise sounds way too ridiculous, one company has started selling its costume.

The folks at YANDY bring us a wonderful attractive Pennywise costume which they call the Dancing Sewer Clown Costume. Due to a copyright infringement, they could not use the name Pennywise. TThis costume is modeled after Bill Skarsgård’s terrifying clown from IT.

But when you buy it, you have to add accessories like the wig, fishnets, gloves and the red balloon. For $100, you can own the dress, which is described on the website as follows:

“white gauzy dress with a square neckline, puffed sleeves with flared cuffs, black pompom embellishments, a bubble skirt, a ruffled neck piece with a hook-back closure, and a matching wide belt with velcro closure.”

Although the images of the costume show a dress in pristine condition, if one hangs out in the sewers long enough, the dress will acquire a terrifying demon clown aesthetic that one would desire. Given the Pennywise craze that came up after IT premiered, it is not surprising that this Pennywise costume exists.

With only a few weeks left until Halloween, make sure you get your costume ready and if you’re going to dress up as Pennywise, make sure you clown responsibly. Hopefully, most of the Halloween clowns will come in peace, but if by chance you see one beckoning you into a sewer, try at all cost to avoid that particular clown.

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