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Rogue One: Gareth Edwards On Darth Vader Being Back!

Rogue One: Gareth Edwards On Darth Vader Being Back!

In less than two weeks we will be back in the theater for the all new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story!


This will be the first stand alone film in the series from Disney, and it is looking to be amazing!  Pick up the new People Magazine issue Star Wars: The Secrets of Rogue One, which is on newsstands now. This thing even has virtual reality goggles included and a 3-D video to immerse yourself with as well! From new droids to the return of Darth Vader: The countdown to December 16th has officially begun!

The new special issue Star Wars: The Secrets to Rogue One is on newsstands now with everything we need to know about the upcoming movie and a full interview which is featured below with the director Gareth Edwards.

In Rogue One a band of Rebel fighters goes on a desperate mission to try to acquire the detailed plans of the Death Star before the Emperor can “Crush the Rebellion” The same plans that Princess Leia hides within R2-D2 at the beginning of A New Hope.


“The opening crawl in A New Hope, about rebel spies managing to steal plans to the ultimate battle station- I just kept thinking, ‘That’d be a really good movie by itself,’ says John Knoll, the chief creative officer at Industrial Light and Magic (Lucasfilm) who came up with the idea for Rogue One.

Lucasfilm will slowly be revealing more details before the big release date December 16th! And Gareth Edwards had a lot more to say than we thought he would!

Where will you be seeing the Rogue One stand alone film, and did you get your tickets yet?

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