Rey Cosplay: 5 Hottest Rey Cosplay Shots By Griffin Maria.

3. Graveyard Rey Cosplay Has Went Viral Because…

Graveyard Rey is one of the most shared cosplays from Griffin Maria’s portfolio, and we tried to analyze it, why? The one big reason is that we are living in the age of Star Wars, we are surrounded by SW movies, animated shows, toys, games and what not, and when Griffin’s innovative hot take on Rey came over to the net, people just couldn’t help but relish the naughty side of Rey’s personality that they all have been fantasizing about since the release of “The Force Awakens”.


4. Why People Love Griffin Maria’s Cosplays?

If you look at her work, it is evident that this girl is having fun! She is not thinking about the future of her cosplay or her skills as a costume creator, or what ad campaigns she is gonna get? She is completly in the moment enjoying the energy of the comic book convention’s floor and admiring the presence of like-minded people around her. We used to see similar traits in Jessica Nigri when she had started, and look at her now! She is on the top, but you can clearly tell she is having a blast even in her current works, and that’s is one of the biggest reason why people liked Griffin Maria’s efforts.

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