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One Reason Why Being A Star Wars Character Is Unsettling: Says Mark Hamill

One Reason Why Being A Star Wars Character Is Unsettling: Says Mark Hamill

Star Wars is nearly unmatched when it comes to cult following. This intergalactic saga has kept us all hooked for decades now, and it has a cult following among generations of movie lovers. Since it is such a huge phenomenon, it rakes in billions of dollars in revenue annually now that Disney switches between the main episodes of the saga and character solo films which keep expanding its premise across distant galaxies.

The franchise’s universal popularity convert the actors playing its various characters into household names across boundaries and have achieved tremendous success in their careers. All said and done; the Star Wars films are not always a bed of roses for everyone. Like all things good, it can have a flip side too, and actor Mark Hamill recently spoke about how playing the character of Luke Skywalker has impacted his life. He said:

“The movie had such an impact; you thought: Oh my gosh, I already know what the first line in my obituary is going to be. Which is odd and eerie.”

Mark has played this character in two third of the Star Wars trilogies, and he has carved his place in the Star Wars anecdotes, yet, there is also an unseen downside attached to the image. No matter what kind of films and characters Mark Hamill take up in the future, his career highlight will always be “Luke Skywalker” or “Star Wars.”

The above statement from Mark might sound a bit depressing, but, it is absolutely an honest fact. All successful people are remembered for their biggest achievements, and there can’t be a movie bigger than the ‘Star Wars’ franchise. That’s why we are always going to recall Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher as the iconic Star Wars characters. That’s the same image which the newer actors on the series will have to deal with.

This might have been the reason which made Mark Hamill a little reluctant to reprise his role of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Ultimately he accepted the fact that playing the character will help him complete Luke’s saga. At the time when Return of the Jedi ended, Luke had reconciled with his father and established full control over his Jedi powers. Therefore, it would be fabulous to see what changes Luke underwent during the decades in the upcoming The Last Jedi.

Luke Skywalker might be the most iconic character undertaken by Mark Hamill, but, he has done some other great roles outside the ‘Star Wars’ world too. One such iconic role that he played is that of the Batman’s enemy The Joker. Although Hamill has never played the character in a live-action film, he has lent his voice to this popular character in animations and video games. He has given his voice over to this character for many years now, and he is loved by some of the most dedicated Batman fans who feel that he is the best person to play the Joker. The distinguished portfolio of Mark further including Kingsman, The Flash, Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back as well.

Mark will be back as his iconic on-screen character Luke Skywalker on December 15 when The Last Jedi hits the theaters.

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