Marvel Officially Cancels ‘Secret Warriors’ Comic Books!

Marvel Officially Cancels ‘Secret Warriors’ Comic Books!

Of late, Marvel Comics has been abandoning some storylines for good, and the latest to join that list is ‘Secret Warriors.’ The Brian Michael Bendis/Jonathan Hickman story had art by Stefano Caselli.

Sgt. Nick Fury had put together the ‘Secret Warriors’ team in 2009, and the latest 2017 version of the series had a new team including Kamala Khan, Lunella Lafayette, Devil Dinosaur, Inferno, and Karnak. The new story was written by Matthew Rosenberg and penciled/inked by Javier Garron.

The series was an outcome of Marvel’s Secret Empires and it was created after the crossover’s events. But, the last page of the issue #12 of the series informed fans that the comeback of their heroes wasn’t a certainty.

In the message of uncertainty which appeared on the bottom right-hand side of the last page, Karnak is seen saying goodbye to Moon Girl, and then he rides into the night on Devil Dinosaur.

The bottom right words read “The Secret Warriors Will Return…Someday. Maybe. I Don’t Know.” Moon Girl shouts out to Karnak in the distance, requesting him to avoid keeping her dino friend out for much longer.

However, fans should still expect something in the future with a new Secret Warriors version on the anvil. Marvel’s Rising Secret Warriors has now become an animated movie. While it won’t depict the 2017 comic book team, if Inferno comes along then it is quite possible that the other old team’s members might also appear in cameos.

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