Man Of Steel 2 Fan Trailer Features Superman Take On The Rock’s Black Adam

Man Of Steel 2 Fan Trailer Features Superman Take On The Rock’s Black Adam

It is unclear when The Rock will ultimately be seen in DCEU. However, a new fan trailer suggests that he would be a good choice to be cast in a Superman sequel.

Stryder HD has reimagined a trailer for the much-anticipated sequel to Man of Steel which features Superman (Henry Cavill) take on Black Adam (The Rock). We see The Rock in an impressive Black Adam costume.

The trailer is a mashup of footage from Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Baywatch, Suicide Squad, Pain and Gain, Hercules, Superman Returns, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Justice League, Fast Five, and The Marine. The music has been taken from Man of Steel and Superman Returns.

Does it surprise you why there is footage from The Marine since none of the two actors was a part of that film? The trailer’s concluding scene answers that question. A civilian is trapped in a car wreck, and we see someone reach out to help her. That, someone, was a renowned magical being called Shazam, and he is none other than the wrestler turned actor John Cena.

That scene is nicely done and is logical because there was a time when John Cena was among the contenders for the role that Zachary Levi landed with, and if we get to see another version of the trailer starring Levi, then it would be even cooler.

However, Cena as Shazam is a great sight. Do check out the trailer video above.

It’s disappointing that there is not much known about the Man of Steel 2, and that’s something a lot of fans believe, should have been made by now. The buzz suggests Matthew Vaughn being keen to do the film, but, he has other films on hand right now, and there is no official word. There has not been any official announcement about the project by Warner Bros. Thus, it is likely to take years for the movie to get made if at all. Regarding The Rock, he won’t be seen as Black Adam in the Shazam solo film, but, he is still associated with the character. That’s the same thing which happened to Deathstroke played by Joe Manganiello as well before we ultimately saw him in the post-credits scene for Justice League. The Rock might have a similar route charted for him in DCEU.

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