Kingdom Hearts III Leak Suggests We’ll See the Release Date Soon

Kingdom Hearts III Leak Suggests We’ll See the Release Date Soon

Countless leaks in last few months have hinted at the arrival of Kingdom Hearts 3 in the near future. We managed to get inside look at potential new worlds, and also the tentative release date speculations. Now a new leak has come riding on the earlier news from December related to a The World Ends With You cameo!

The video above confirms that Shibuya from the TWEWY universe is going to be a part of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts game whose existence has been subject to doubts and ridicule of a lot of people. The leak had first emerged in December, and the original post was branded as fake when the TWEWY cameo was mentioned, however, now that it has been confirmed that the game is coming on the Nintendo Switch and we are going to see Shibuya – a lot of people are having a second look at that original leak.

Speculation is rife that the Monster Inc will be included later in February featuring a new trailer, and at this year’s E3, Frozen will be unveiled as well. The poster goes on to say that Noctis and Lightning will also appear in the future.

The February hint has quite a high probability since Square Enix often makes grand announcements for titles during the year when they are supposed to be released. Now with an expected release this year, the timeline all fits nicely with that. While the entire focus has been on the latest Final Fantasy and Noctis and Lightning in Dissidia, the other two Final Fantasy predictions are also great deal logical.

The original leak is shared below:

“TS – More than likely Toy Story, there are files such as “Airdroid robot,” “Gigas,” “Floor A,” “Flor B,” “Floor C,” Gunball machine, area doll stage, areadollflamenco, areadollshelf, areadollflamenco, areadollcastle, areadollcushion, areabosscube, areabosscone

RA – Probably Rapunzel (Tangled), has Bonfire, Cliffhill, Curvecliff, Limestone cave, Swamp Clover, mushroom, lead flower, jagged grass, dead hornbeam, wetlandlamp, torch, mountain, lavender, tower door, branch the only weird thing with this one is there are Wetland Tarzan Tree files with them.

FZ02 – Frozen…I believe this is Frozen and for the love of god, pleaase don’t make it a musical if it is Square. Has A LOT of Icicle files, Crystal, Hexpillar, Lamp, fences. There is literally like Icicle files label A, B, C, D as well as Area files labeled the same way. Some of these are jpgs, but again I cannot download any of these files sadly.

RG – Radiant Garden maybe? Has Castle, monitor, computer, machine, door, pipe A, pipe B, pendulum, balance stick, arc gate, house, castle behind, computer room

DP – Land of Departure maybe? Or maybe it’s Daybreak P… Has a lot of castle files. Castlehandrail, castlewall, castlestaindglass, castlefloor, castlestage

HE – Probably Hercules groundstairswall, groundstairspillar, groundstairsbrokenwall, buildingroof, stoneblock, arc relief, arc stone, arc pillar, Hercules doll, pot broken, hammer

PO – More than likely Winnie the Pooh tree, rabbithouse, landry, honeypot, scarecrow, vegetables, bridge, fence,

DC – Probably Disney Castle There are library bookshelf, candle, chair, ink bottle, library fireplace, dog bed.”

Kingdom Hearts 3 will release some time in 2018.

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