Kaley Cuoco May Leave “Big Bang Theory” To Play Supergirl In DC Cinematic Universe.

Kaley Cuoco May Leave “Big Bang Theory” To Play Supergirl In DC Cinematic Universe.

Kaley Cuoco is currently facing a ton crap of problems with contractual obligations, according to recent reports she has been offered the role of Supergirl in DC cinematic universe, and if we go by the media houses, she really wants to pick up that part. However, the contract with Big Bang Theory is not letting her do any other significant role outside of the current show.

Now, this is going to make things interesting! Because according to latest reports her agent is trying to break Kaley’s contract with Big Bang Theory so that she can be the fan-favorite Supergirl in the DC’s mega movie universe.

This news has enraged the Big Bang Theory fan because they cannot imagine the show without her. However, many of her geeky fans think that she would make an amazing Supergirl as she has the body, mindset, epic blonde hairs, and fantastic acting skills. 

Big Bang Theory has been renewed for two more seasons, and it may not be renewed after that as the show has hit its saturation point. Its rating has dipped greatly as it is not able to pull in new viewers, but the old fans are phasing out really fast!  Some of the reviewers have attacked the creativity of the show calling it “Mundane and Repetitive.”  May be the creators of the show will maintain the sanctity of this show by closing it when it is in its prime.

We will only get to know about Kaley’s decision once the dust of gossips and multiple reports settle down. We will keep you posted on this piece going ahead! We are expecting a formal announcement from her on this matter very soon.

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