‘Justice League’ Blu-ray Trailer Reveals A Massive Deleted Scene!

‘Justice League’ Blu-ray Trailer Reveals A Massive Deleted Scene!

The trailer for the Blu-ray arrival of Justice League has been released online, and you can watch it above.

This new Justice League home video release highlights the typical extras that you get with a Blu-ray, and that includes a huge deleted scene which is being called a key selling point on the Blu-ray version cover.

Now that we have an idea of what that scene is going to be, and it is truly a scene which might go on to become a mega discussion point related to the movie’s theatrical release, and it deals with how Henry Cavill’s Superman got his hands on that new suit!

If you look at this Justice League Blu-ray trailer, it ends with a brief glimpse of Superman coming out of the Fortress of Solitude in a manner similar to his “First Flight” scene in Man of Steel. However, the costume here is the brighter Justice League version, and he seems to be all set to assist his fellow superheroes to fight Steppenwolf in Eastern Europe.

This little Superman extra is not going to wipe out the doubts associated with this home release, though. As of now, a great deal of fans are debating whether there was any merit in paying for the Joss Whedon’s monstrous Justice League version. A lot of fan sentiments have been witnessed in the huge campaign demanding the original Zack Snyder version of the movie.  That campaign has expanded to the extent of coming up with its own totally interactive website focusing on the issue. All that suggests that fans might not be happy with seeing just one deleted scene, and they want the entire deleted Snyder version!

Justice League can be bought on digital where it releases on February 13th. You also have a chance to pre-order the Justice League Walmart exclusive right here as well. It would ship out on March 30th and is likely to reach you around April 4.

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