Is Black Widow Going To Be Marvel’s All-Female Avengers Movie?

Is Black Widow Going To Be Marvel’s All-Female Avengers Movie?

Recently an announcement came out about a Black Widow movie probably being in the works. It was not only surprising but, for a lot of Marvel fans, it seemed to be a news that they have been waiting to hear for a long time. Apart from Hawkeye, all the original Avengers have got solo films, and other heroes who joined later such as Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and Black Panther, etc. have also got the solo films now. Yet, even after 20 films in the bag, MCU doesn’t have a single female superhero film, and a lot of fans keep wondering about why Natasha Romanoff was being ignored.

Now it is revealed that the film is nearer to becoming a reality, and fans have started speculating about what position Natasha’s solo movie will play in the continuity of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Would it be an origins story? Will it mean that she will survive Avengers 4? Although these are all valid questions, there is another one which we will to dwell upon. Is it possible that this Black Widow solo movie is going to be only part of the truth? Is this just a camouflage to keep the reality hidden till the time Marvel comes out with an official announcement? Could it be that this long-awaited, rumored movie will be an all-female Avengers movie?

In October 2017, we first heard about the demand for an all-female Avengers film when the Thor: Ragnarok star Tessa Thompson talked about it as an idea she had pitched to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. Sometime later, the idea gathered momentum and support when reports came out that other MCU actresses are campaigning with Thompson for an all-female superhero movie. Scarlet Johansson, Brie Larson, Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan and Pom Klementieoff, had all contacted Feige to talk about this.

It is not only the actresses who are interested in the movie, but fans also demand it. Feige must be knowing it, and he would see the potential of such a project. Did he ask screenwriter Jac Shaeffer to create a story suitable to all of these female characters? Maybe he did.

Initial reports indicate that Scarlet Johansson met Marvel to talk about the future of the Black Widow movie. Since she was very much on-board with the concept of an all-female team-up project, it is possible that she reintroduced this idea during her discussion with Marvel.

The film might still be led by Natasha, with the ex-spy and killer setting up a new team. She is not only the first female Avenger but, also one of the most crucial Avengers. This is a character which has great value for old and new fans, and she is worthy of her solo movie. To give her the lead role in a separate team-up movie is likely to be a great platform for the character. It would also provide Marvel with the opportunity to highlight her character development and she will get to be what she always should have been: a leader.

The next thing to be evaluated is the report’s timing. The whole world is getting ready to watch the epic team-up film Avengers: Infinity War, the first half of a two-film mega event which brings the first ten years of MCU to a closure. Most of the MCU actors have already done that and even wrapped up the filming for its sequel, the presently untitled Avengers 4. The rumors are doing round about what the Marvel’s Phase 4 of films would have in store for the fans other than the previously confirmed Spider-Man Homecoming sequel.

Frankly, the Marvel Cinematic Universe would want to start Phase 4 afresh. After the mega battle depicting the Avengers and Thanos, it can’t be said as to what would be the composition of the superhero squad. They might even all be dead, fired or dispersed. This would lead to a superhero void, a void that might be filled by Natasha and her team.

Marvel excels in team-up films. Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War were both basically Avengers movies. Thor: Ragnarok had Thor set up a team comprising of Hulk, Valkyrie, and Loki. Even the Spider-Man: Homecoming had a strong involvement of the Iron-Man. Thus, the chances of the rumored Black Widow movie being a solo adventure are little. Marvel has been doing well by depicting the shared universe feature in their films and why should Black Widow be any different. It would be easier to introduce someone like Hawkeye to the movie’s story; it would be even more fascinating to see Marvel creating a team comprising of various female superheroes.

The time is perfect for female-oriented superhero movies. DC has already proven that with their highly successful and critically acclaimed movie Wonder Woman. Marvel is also gearing up to unveil its most powerful female superhero in the Brie Larson starrer Captain Marvel. However, that should just be the beginning. Why not to give Black Widow the role that she was being readied for? That’s a role that Natasha might not be keen to take on, but, one that she would have no option but to accept.

As the new leader of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Natasha would take on the responsibilities of Captain America in the future. Featuring in her own solo, surrounded by superhero characters such as Captain Marvel, The Wasp, Valkyrie, and Gamora, would not just be a game changer, but, also a big box office success for her.

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