How Much Does It Cost To Be Bruce Wayne?

How Much Does It Cost To Be Bruce Wayne?

We know that it is not everyone’s ball game to be the most famous Gotham billionaire, playboy cum justice vigilante and we also know that it is not at all cheap.

A bunch of geeks and highly imaginative economics students at Lehigh University figured out the numbers representing a real life Wayne Enterprises. Bruce Wayne is estimated to be worth $11.6 billion, which makes him the 100th wealthiest man walking on this planet.

Let’s have a look at the kind of money that we need to shell out to merely live one day out of Bruce Wayne’s life! The rough numbers are as indicated below:

Housing: Upwards of $32 million

Let’s begin from the start. The home of this billionaire bachelor is the first thing that you need if you want to experience his lifestyle. He owns a Tudor Gothic mansion and the last two Christopher Nolan films featured the exteriors of Mentmore Towers located in Buckinghamshire, UK. The real estate is worth $32 million. The house’s interior shots were clicked at the luxurious Osterley Park House on the London outskirts, which only indicate an increase in the cost. An architect specializing in building this kind of properties was given an imaginary house blueprint, and he stated: “He’s got the 1st floor of 8,750 square feet, a 2nd floor of 3,600 square feet, plus his Batcave at 12,000 square feet totals out to 24,350. The total cost has to be at least $1,000 per square foot, so $24,350,000 minimum.”

Not to forget, we haven’t taken into consideration the Bat Cave or any specific Batman related expenses while coming up with our estimates.

Live-In Butler: Around $150,000 Per Year

Alfred might love Bruce, but, he won’t work for you on an honorary basis. Even if we pay him the typical cost of maintaining a personal butler, you will have to pay at least $150,000 per year.

Wardrobe: $21,000

Looking like Bruce Wayne is not easy at all. If you want to be as stylish as him, then you should know that he wears a personally stitched Armani suit. The cheapest of such suits will cost nothing less than three guards. Figure out the cost for one suit per day and the shoes, accessories to go along with it. We are talking serious money here.

Cars: $786,200

We saw Bruce drive different Lamborghinis in the three films by Nolan. Therefore, he must be owning at least three of them. The costs of three Lamborghini models is Aventador ($397,500), Murcielago roadster ($198,800), and Murcielago LP640 ($189,000) works out to be approximate $8,00,000 assuming he doesn’t have any other vehicle parked in that garage.

Philanthropy: Unknown

Bruce also manages the finances at Wayne Foundation, Thomas Wayne Foundation, and Martha Wayne Foundation. This would keep you occupied in activities and fundraisers for the charities. You need to organize stuff like gala dinners, fundraisers, auctions and all apart from making significant personal contributions.

Fitness: $52,440 per year

When you want to be Bruce Wayne, you need to be spending on the Bruce Wayne physique also. This necessitates a top rated martial arts instructor and trainer. Such trainers cost a minimum of $60 an hour. Make that three hours a day, four days a week and the cost runs upwards of $35,000 a year. We are presuming that you have a gym at home which means spending another $15,000 at the least.

Travel: $2,700 per hour

We don’t see Bruce fly much barring that scene in Batman Begins where he flew out of China, and he doesn’t fly commercial at all. Thus, either he owns a private jet or charters one whenever he decides to fly. Taking into account the rental of a mid-sized private jet leased from Pentastar Aviation, the cost will be upwards of at least $2,700 an hour.


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