Here’s The Real Reason Why Thor Was Missing From ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Here’s The Real Reason Why Thor Was Missing From ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Fans are familiar with the large number of characters that MCU has, however, audiences can’t just have enough of Thor. He was not seen in the Captain America: Civil War and that unleashed a blitzkrieg of questions from the fans. While there is a very strong reason explaining his absence during this brawl between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, the sad part is that the reason is linked to the destruction of the universe.

Some websites got an opportunity to visit the set of Thor: Ragnarok during the filming process and it has been revealed as to where the ruler of Asgard has been from the time Avengers: Age of Ultron ended. The revelation is shared below:

 “For all the fans who have been wondering why Thor wasn’t around to get involved with the skirmish in Captain America: Civil War, the events of Thor: Ragnarokhold the answer. When we catch up with Thor at the beginning of the movie, he’s been away on his own for two years, but he hasn’t been sulking,” Slash Film stated.

“Instead, he’s been trying to track down the puppet master behind some of the recent near-world-ending events, and looking for the Infinity Stones in order to prevent the doomed future he saw for Asgard and his people in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This has sent him across the cosmos on a number of adventures that have branched off from his original quest.”

In case you are not familiar with Thor’s vision then you must do a quick acclimatization run before Thor: Ragnarok releases. Thor had entered a dream sequence after his mind was compromised by Wanda in Age of Ultron. He found himself wandering into the halls of Vahalla where Heimdall was shown waiting for him. While his eyes were glowing, what he said to Thor was absolutely disturbing. Heimdall told the king of Asgard that everyone had been killed by none other than Thor himself.

This completely spooked Thor and he managed to force himself into having another vision which gave him a premonition about the Infinity Stones. Thus, it is logical that he went on a cosmic trip to ensure the safety of the infinitely powerful objects. The task will however, not be easy for him with an opponent as powerful as Thanos also on a quest to take possession of all the gems for his own purposes.

It is nearly certain that Avengers: Infinity Warwill see Thanos possessing most of those stones, therefore, it is going to be a responsibility upon Thor’s shoulders to caution the Avengers about the destruction that’s headed their world’s way in the form of the Mad Titan.


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