Here Is What The Flash’s Coded Messages Means

Here Is What The Flash’s Coded Messages Means

If you were waiting for Barry Allen to return to Flash Season 4, well you got your wish. The Flash Season 4 premiere was disappointing and had its highs and lows. The episode was amazing with Barry being in a demented state and the Samuroid villain.

We had seen Team Flash of Cisco, Joe, Wally, and Caitlin rescuing Barry from Speed Force, and when he was found by Cecile in CCPD, he was not normal. He was uttering non-sense and communicating in his own language. We aim to make sense of what he was trying to say.

We saw Barry uttering a few lines, revealing the future and re-living his past. This proves that Speed Force is unending, it goes backward and forwards. Barry said:

“Nora shouldn’t be here.”

There is no reference to the dialogue and shows a reference to his mother, Nora Allen whom he brought back in The Flashpoint. Even he realizes that her death should have been the final and he should not have undone it.

“You said this city was safe, that there was no residual danger.”

The line is a throwback to the first episode. When Barry wakes up from his coma, he meets Clyde Mardon who a meta-human. He goes back to S.T.A.R. labs and says this line. The accusation results in the reveal of particle accelerator accident and aftermaths.

“I doubt restraint is how you got to be the man you are today.”

This is a reference to episode 2 of the first season. The lines were said by Harrison Wells. It shows how Barry had considered him as his good-hearted mentor.

A few instances were seen as a reference to Oliver and when he tried to comfort his mom by saying, “Dad and I both are okay.”

So, the future references,

“Your Honor I’m Innocent, I didn’t kill anyone.”

The lines teased a possibility of reference from the comic “Trial of the Flash” where Barry is arrested for murder. In The Flash Season 4 premiere, he mistakes Cecile for a judge and pleads his innocence. In the original comic, he was found guilty of killing Reverse-Flash. This is not the first time he is being arrested. When Barry went through Speed Force, we saw many realities, times and places of which were John Diggle’s grown up, son, Supergirl and yes, Barry Allen behind bars.

“We are gonna need more diapers.”

As we saw Barry was distressed and frustrated when uttering the lines except for this one. When he said “diapers” he was grinning and was happy. The point is that Barry glimpsed his future, in which he and Iris start a family of their own. We see Barry singing “stars melting” which may be a rhyme he will sing to his newborns.

All of this is just speculation, and we have to wait to see when show-runners incorporate the storylines into this show.

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