Heath Ledger Documentary Is Revisiting ‘The Dark Knight’ Joker

Heath Ledger Documentary Is Revisiting ‘The Dark Knight’ Joker

A clip from “I Am Heath Ledger,” a documentary on the life of Ledger, explores Ledger’s iconic role as Joker in The Dark Knight.

In the clip, Ledger’s former agent, Steve Alexander, remembers the time he spoke to Ledger on the possibility of playing the Joker.

“I called Heath and I said, ‘This is what’s happening. They’re putting together the next Batman movie and the Joker’s going to be the villain and is that of interest?’” Alexander recalls. “There was no pause. It was like, ‘Absolutely, I want that. What do we do? I’ll get on a plane, I’ll fly out, I want to meet with Chris. Can you get me in a room with Chris Nolan?”

The video includes a voice over from Ledger describing the transformation into the Joker.

“I’d already seen this world he’d created in Batman Begins, so I knew there was an opportunity for a new version of the Joker and that excited me and also I knew instantly what to do,” Ledger says. “I locked myself away for six weeks in a room, and I kind of came up with this creep. Walking around like a madman and finding posture, finding stance, finding his voice was very important. When you find the voice, you find the breath within the voice.”

Ledger died in January 2008, ahead of the premiere of The Dark Knight. His Joker was among the heavily praised aspects of the film and he was posthumously awarded the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

The Dark Knight has an 89.09 Composite Score, highest Score of any comic book movie. The film also has a 4.47 out of 5 User Rating, making it the second-highest rated comic book of all time among users.

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