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5 Actors In Talks To Play He-Man in Masters of The Universe Reboot.

5 Actors In Talks To Play He-Man in Masters of The Universe Reboot.

Hi my name’s Adam, Prince of Eternia.”

There will be hardly a soul who doesn’t recall the strong masculine He-Man with these lines. The good news is however that Jon M Chu has actually gotten the reigns this year to recreate He-Man in all his glory.

And unable to keep our enthusiasm in check,  we quickly got down to listing the top choices for playing the character of He-man.

Here, take a look:

1. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth has the genes to pull off any godly character! And even he would be a good fit for playing Prince Adam; He-Man’s alter ego! With proper clothing, and makeup he can be easily concealed as Prince Adam. With his blonde hair and blue eyes, he looks tailor made for this.


2. Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam may not have the body to be the He-Man, but he is an apt choice for playing ambitious, amateur, hot-head, Stubborn and confused character of Prince Adam. If we go by the rumors, it is quite evident that the movie is not going to be campy, and hints towards a more dark, gritty and diverse universe of He-Man. Hence, we can infer that Adam is not going to be coward and lazy fellow but a more ambitious youngster with troubled past and an unsatiating desire to prove himself. This role fits on Charlie’s personality like a glove, however, seeing him as a full blown muscular He-Man is tough. But who knows, production house can pick up Chris Hemsworth to play the He-Man and Adam would be Charlie. Works for us! What about you?


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