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Grand Theft Auto 6 ( GTA 6 ) Announcement Is Just Around The Corner!

Grand Theft Auto 6 ( GTA 6 ) Announcement Is Just Around The Corner!

Seems like the times to rejoice have returned for the Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts! According to the grapevine (going by what the actors working on the project are saying), the GTA 6 is finally in production.

The online portfolio, of motion capture actor and popular model Tim Neff clearly mentions the game alongside Red Dead Redemption 2. Tim is an occasional stuntman, listed as a Stunts Performer for both the games. Tim has previously worked in the current chartbuster Dunkirk as well as in the TV series Gotham. His bio data also mentions that he is set to appear in a minor role in Seth McFarlane’s ‘The Orville’ which is a parody of ‘Star Trek’.

As per IGN, Tim’s portfolio listing was posted by a NeoGAME user who goes by the name ‘Chadskin’. Apparently Chadskin noticed the addition of Grand Theft Auto 6 on Tim Neff’s profiles on Resumes Breakdown Express as well as It is going to please Rockstar a great deal that Tim has posted the listing on his profiles there.

However, this still doesn’t give us any accurate idea of a release date, however, the trend indicates that motion capture work is typically completed in advanced stages of production, therefore it won’t be a great surprise if an official announcement comes our way soon.

It is typical of the developers to keep their cards close to their heart as long as they can in order to make an impactful announcement as per their own terms and plans. The good thing is that this indicator means they can now hurry up and devote their skills to creating some more enactments of the ’45 years of ideas’ that Rockstar president Leslie Benzies claims to have for the Grand Theft Auto Cult.

So folks, keep your seat belts fastened, throttle pressed and wait for the signals to go green on the much awaited Grand Theft Auto 6!

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