Gal Gadot Kissed Kate McKinnon In SNL Sketch [Video]

Gal Gadot Kissed Kate McKinnon In SNL Sketch [Video]

With one kiss, Kate McKinnon has become the envy of men around the world. The comedian got to lock lips with Gal Gadot today as they took part in a risque sketch for Saturday Night Live (SNL).

Gadot hosted SNL and opened the show with a bang. Leslie Jones had joined as Gadot made references to her starring in Wonder Woman, but no one could have predicted she would mount a full-on return to Themyscira.

In one show’s skits, Gadot is seen dressed in Diana’s training outfit she wore at home. The heroine is practicing with Amazon warriors, but things go awry when Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant arrive on a boat. The comedians play women who are happy to have discovered the place and Diana is happy to greet the pair.

The SNL ladies have come across Themyscira in hopes of finding love. The women felt that the island may have something to offer in romance, but Diana and her posse are not on the same page.

“It’s like a porn, but the plumber is genuinely there to save the pipes,” Bryant remarks, watching the clueless Amazons.

Not wanting her guests to feel sad, Diana sees if she can make McKinnon feel better. Gadot lands a kiss on the star’s lips, but it does not seem the smooch changes anything.

“I feel nothing,” Diana says as she pulls away, and McKinnon looks equal parts stunned and in bliss.

For Wonder Woman fans, the sketch is something many have wanted to see. There have been petitions asking to see Wonder Woman be bisexual Wonder Woman. Gadot has said that she has no issue with Diana expressing her sexuality and writer Greg Rucka confirmed Wonder Woman was queer in his latest run of the comics.

Justice League is set to hit theaters on November 17, 2017.

Justice League has a 4.18 out of 5 User Anticipation rating, and this makes it the second most anticipated upcoming comic book movie among readers.

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