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5) Felicity Jones – A strong headed feminist “Equal Pay Controversy”

Felicity doesn’t shy away from calling herself a feminist, and she stands by that term. Her mother was a solid woman who raised both Felicity and her brother single-handedly. Felicity’s mother always told her that, she needs to make her own identity in the world. Felicity had a tomboyish persona, and she was always felt comfortable around her huge male-dominant friend circle. Felicity is one of the greatest proponents who wants to see the abolishment of “Gender Discrimination In Payment”. Her strong stance on this matter had caused a lot of problem during her contractual agreements with Disney for Rogue One.

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6) Family Of Advertisers & Journalists.

Felicity Jones is a vocal woman, and she packs a powerful personality, not just on the camera but also in the real life. She understands the value of communication and never misses an opportunity to put out her opinions on the table. This trait of her personality comes from the family, that’s filled with advertisers, journalists, lawyers and theater actors. Felicity’s father is a popular Advertiser of his time and her mother is a journalist who focused mostly on investigative journalism during her career.

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