Diane Lane Calls ‘Justice League’ Great!

Diane Lane Calls ‘Justice League’ Great!

DC Films star Diane Lane created a major uproar earlier in the spring when she apparently remarked that Justice League was not going to be up to the level of Marvel’s Avengers. Lane tried doing the damage control by addressing the DC fans and clarifying that she was talking about the spoilers of the film.

Now that Justice League is readying to release in cinemas, Diane Lane is trying to make it absolutely clear for anyone in doubt that she is certainly a fan of the upcoming mega film and she believes in the project that she is promoting these days.

During an appearance on Wendy Williams, she stated:

“I got to see the movie, and I’m delighted with it. It’s such great acting – and I don’t mean to sound surprised – but there’s so many special effects in these movies, you can sometimes be overwhelmed by all that. But there been a lot of pressure on it to be a big hit this year, and I’m just like ‘Phew,’ it’s great! It’s going to be good.”

As we mentioned above, Lane is bound to promote Justice League and would definitely want to avoid any misunderstandings during the promotional tours, because she is always a smart and attractive person. We should, however, be cautious in trusting her words.

The time is really close for the first responses and reviews of Justice League to start appearing on social media. It won’t be long before we hear the opinions of critics and DC fans.

Justice League will release on November 17th.

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