Debut Of Goku’s New Transformation Confirmed: Dragon Ball Super

Debut Of Goku’s New Transformation Confirmed: Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball fans are super excited. Goku’s new transformation on Dragon Ball Super is on its way. A few spoiler leaks from upcoming episodes have given us an idea of when Goku’s new form will debut.

Otakukart Anime (via Ken Xyro) reports that when Frost attacks the Universe 7 warriors, Goku will try and protect his friends. But before he can do anything, he will have to battle Ribianne of universe 2 and Jiren of Universe 11.

He will then discover that his Kaio-Ken x 20 is not enough to stop Jiren and so Goku will turn to his ultimate attack, The Spirit Bomb. It has been teased that when The Spirit Bomb fails, Goku will have an emotional transformation into his new form.

Mastar Media has offered a few details of Goku’s new form:

  • 50x multiplier over Super Saiyan Blue
  • No combination of Red and Blue
  • Emotional trigger is involved
  • Stronger than Beerus

This breakdown fits in with other recent teases like Frost killing Master Roshi which could be an “emotional trigger.”

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