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Darth Vader’s Controversial Paternity Test Is Going Viral.

Darth Vader’s Controversial Paternity Test Is Going Viral.

Darth Vader’s is one of the most popular characters on the planet earth, all thanks to the inventive memes and viral videos that keep reigniting his universality every now then.

Maury Povich’s show is famous for notorious and unusual cases that bring the audience on the edge of their seats, but we can’t deny the fact that the contestants are usually hilarious!

A fan video that amalgamates Darth Vader with Maury Povich’s show has garnered around 2.5 million views, and it doesn’t even have sound. They GIF just has subtitles, but believe us; it is ridiculously hilarious.

In this video, Vader claims that he never had intercourse with Padme, and he is not the father of Leia and Luke. But when the results show up in the typical dramatic way, our gentleman Vader lose his cool. This tiny little trim also has a hidden “Sand Person.”

The kind of imaginative content that comes out of Imgur and Reddit, never cease to surprise us. An anonymous person posted this small clip with the username “Yaemd“. Here is the clip, enjoy!

The results are in

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