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Darth Vader Rumors Suggest He Will Feature In Star Wars : The Last Jedi

Darth Vader Rumors Suggest He Will Feature In Star Wars : The Last Jedi

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, don’t say we didn’t warn you:

As far as the villains are concerned, Darth Vader is one guy who keeps going. This Sith Lord has been one of the most influential and iconic villains ever since he first appeared in the original Star Wars trilogy, but, that doesn’t mean that his character is finished yet. In fact, if we trust the word going around then Darth Vader is set to feature in several scenes of the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Mike Zeroh is a famous Star Wars Youtuber, and he released a new video today which contained a bold revelation. He said that anonymous Pinewood Studios sources leaked the news about Darth Vader’s appearance in the upcoming movie.

As per sources quoted by Zeroh, Darth Vader will not appear physically, but, there will be chatter about the Sith Lord. The first conversation involving him will take place between Lei Organa and Vice-Admiral Holdo which is a new character played by Luara Dern.

“Holdo reminds Leia who her father really was and how he destroyed her son indirectly,” Zeroh said. “Holdo mocks Leia countless times leading to them separating and splitting the Resistance into two teams with Poe Dameron following Leia.”

Other than this, there will be two more instances where Darth Vader is discussed in The Last Jedi. Once Snoke will mention him during a conversation with Kylo Ren, and at another time Luke Skywalker will give a brief background of the character to Rey when she queries him about the Dark Lord.

We don’t have any means to categorically state whether or not Darth Vader will be seen in The Last Jedi, but, fans are hopeful. Kylo Ren’s obsession about his grandfather’s helmet earned Vader a reference in The Force Awakens. Many fans feel that Darth Vader’s involvement could increase in The Last Jedi while Kylo Ren comes to terms with the consequence of Han Solo’s death and Rey’s escape.

So what’s your opinion? Do you think Darth Vader will make an impact on The Last Jedi?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will have a theatrical release on December 15.

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