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Darth Vader Is Saving Lives In India.

Darth Vader Is Saving Lives In India.

The Information Technology Hub of India – Bangalore City, is facing massive population boom because of urbanization, which eventually led to sharp increase in the number of accidents on the roads. Most of these mishaps involve young people, and that’s the reason Indian Police are using all sorts of creative tactics to grabs the attention of its younger populace towards the safety announcements.That are usually so boring that they end up in our blind spots. 

They are using famous pop-culture icons to convey their safety notifications to the young people using their social media handles and even the physical banners. The Bangalore police Facebook page has recently shared a picture of Darth Vader to express the importance of Helmet while driving.

This simple ad is ingenious, funny and catchy at the same time. The young ones are responding surprisingly well to such ads. These ads are getting viral not just in India but also in the Western countries.

The district commissioner of Police is pleased with results of these creative ads, he says:-

“Using popular characters from films is helping us reach people in the most efficient and the fastest way. It’s no secret that social media is all about grabbing eyeballs, and these characters are helping us do just that.”

However, these physical advertisement banners and viral memes are not restricted just to Star Wars; they are also utilizing characters from Game Of Thrones & Popular Netflix shows to dispatch these helpful PSAs to the general public.

And it looks like a lot of them are heeding the advice. Here are other interesting ads from the Bangalore police that are hilarious and informative at the same time,

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