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Co-Creator Of Rick And Morty Unhappy With McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Promotional Fiasco

Co-Creator Of Rick And Morty Unhappy With McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Promotional Fiasco

It was just a tiny spark ignited by Rick and Morty when they created a joke during their promotion for season 3 premiere about how Rick Sanchez was crazy about the Szechuan sauce at McDonald’s. The sauce was a promotional thing from the 1990s and was created by the McDonald’s to promote Mulan from Disney. However, this tiny spark has become a raging wildfire now.

The fans of Rick and Morty were excited to taste the sweet “Mulan McNugget sauce” during the season 3 run of Rick and Morty (April-September), and McDonald’s responded by announcing a limited run comeback of the Szechuan sauce in its outlets.

However, they erred in estimating the craze that Rick and Morty have among fans and fans flooded the outlet all over the US to get some of that Szechuan and supplies rapidly exhausted which in turn made things ugly.

Justin Roiland Speak Out

Justin Rolland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty came out with the above statement and addressed the madness that arose as the outcome of the McDonald’s poorly Szechuan sauce fiasco.

Rolland’s statement has a controlled accusation which clarifies that just like a lot of fans, he also considers that McDonald’s responsible for the miserable handling of the situation. That’s true as well. There have been reports from all over the country that McDonald had sent only twenty packets to each outlet, despite the fact that there were long queues of fans outside the restaurants which in some places started as early as 2 a.m. on the night before.

Grand Hustle

As seen above, at some places fans were made to wait till late afternoon for promised further supplies of Szechuan Sauce which were in fact, never on their way. In some cases, the outlet managers from McDonald’s made those who were patiently waiting to get the Szechuan Sauce, to buy other food items and then the promised sauce never came.

Police had to intervene to disperse angry and jilted Rick and Morty fans at one McDonald’s outlet at Wellington, Palm Beach. Although, it is also reported that those McDonald’s managers who had earlier fooled the fans into buying other food items and waiting, were the ones who called in the cops.

This has all snowballed into a huge mess which has annoyed scores of fans. McDonald’s trying to divert the whole situation, and there is even a “Szechuan Sauce black market” where this dipping is being offered at insane prices on eBay and has even led fans to create their own versions of the sauce.

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