Cameron Monaghan Instagrams Photo From ‘Gotham’ Set, Confirming Jerome’s Comeback!

Cameron Monaghan Instagrams Photo From ‘Gotham’ Set, Confirming Jerome’s Comeback!

The heroes of Gotham can never have it easy, can they? After the end of Professor Pyg’s reign of terror, another well-known villain is all set to cause trouble.

It took Cameron Monaghan only a single Instagram post to get the Gotham fans’ pulse racing when he confirmed that his evil character Jerome is back on the set.

Monaghan uploaded an image of what seems to be a decrepit warehouse in Gotham City or maybe a room in the GCPD headquarters and tagged the location as “New York, New York.” Just in case the setting doesn’t inspire you enough, there was also a chair visible with the name “Jerome” printed on its back.

Beyond doubt, Jerome is presently filming for Gotham. However, this is not the first news about the villain’s comeback.

Earlier in the fall, Gotham EP, John Stephens had said that Jerome would make a comeback later in the year. However, instead of his typical mischief, the Joker clone will join hands with an unexpected partner.

You’re gonna see him in a new position this year, and he’s gonna form an alliance with a character who he has not been near at any time soon,” Stephens revealed. “Essentially, we’re gonna see him and Oswald Cobblepot come closer.”

It is very exciting to see Jerome come back, but, the thought of him working in tandem with Penguin is like a dream come true for Gotham lovers. Sadly, we will have to wait some more to see this happen as Jerome won’t appear on Gotham until the latter half of the season.

Gotham’s new episodes air on Thursday nights at 8 pm ET on Fox.

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