Breaking: Ghost Rider & Blade Come Together To Fight Hell!

Breaking: Ghost Rider & Blade Come Together To Fight Hell!

If Marvel’s Spirits of Vengeance fail to succeed now, the war between Heaven and Hell will be won shortly. That’s the story which has unfolded in the limited series till now, combining the supernatural powers of the first Ghost Rider, the half-Vampire Blade, and Satan’s children Daimon and Satana Hellstrom. Courtesy the preview of Spirits of Vengeance #4; it appears that the heroes have a decisive lead to stop the demons from massacring their angelic people forever.

The obvious problem is that it is not easy to kill angels. It is even harder to kill Michael the Archangel, even more difficult. That’s why the Spirits of Vengeance greatly relies upon the weapon needed to do that. Created from the silver which purchased Judas Iscariot’s soul, the ultimate battle between Angels and Demons is rapidly approaching. The issue #4 will give the heroes the same answers as the readers, and there will be new mythologies built around the ancient dispute between the Marvel Comics’ Heaven and Hell.

Spirits of Vengeance has been progressing consistently and has already got three issues out. In the beginning, an angel was searching for Johnny Blaze to deliver a hint and a silver bullet that could kill it. Blaze is after Satan’s heroic son, Hellstrom. The duo employ Blade to do the dirty work of unearthing this evil plot (which as you can guess, would entail killing several demons). Very recently, they brought in Daimon’s sister Satana into the narrative. Her plans and animosity with Daimon will be explored in issue #4, considering the preview pages.

You can check out the preview pages below:

The first images suggest that the craftsman who converted the thirty pieces of silver belonging to Judas Iscariot into a huge weapon will be in trouble. That craftsman happens to be Ragnar the Dwarf, following the Marvel pattern of giving the responsibility of forging cosmic weapons only to the dwarf smiths. The most iconic example is the dwarves who made Mjolnir for Odin and Thor, also the manifestation of everything which gives Ragnar his credentials. In the earlier issues, he was shown to be capable of forging evil, due to his envy for the other dwarves who had forged excellent weaponry for the Asgardians.

Issue #3 wrapped up with the completion of Ragnar’s work, and all the thirty pieces were merged into one weapon that could kill Michael the Archangel. Luckily, there are more details provided by him in the previews. It was the same case with the evil wizard who had discovered the silver and hired Ragnar to begin with Necrodamus. However, if he had just wanted to give the weapon to the demons who attended this pinnacle of Heaven/Hell, and enjoy the benefits, then he was wrong. What are his plans to carry out the attack on his own, such as the location of their meeting, are secrets which will be disclosed in the upcoming issue.

Hopefully, this buzz leading to the Angel/Demon battle will further expand the Supernatural/Constantine style story towards this point. While seeing Blade and Ghost Rider battle as a team would be greatly satisfying, writer Victor Gischler has further sprinkled the series with sequences to make each character’s fans happy. Whether it be the Penance Stare of Ghost Rider which slaughters the defenseless demons or Blade slashing through a demon, the heroes don’t face much of a challenge.

In case the upcoming battle is such that it would make the son of Satan dither, then it is set to change. Let’s just hope that the new Spirit of Vengeance team prevails in its first mission (and of course, keep the Marvel Earth safe from Satan and his army of demons).

You can read the full synopsis of issue #4 below:


Published: January 10, 2018

Writer: Victor Gischler

Art: David Baldeon

Cover Artist: Dan Mora

WAR AT THE GATES OF HELL PART 4! Necrodamus’ forces mean to upset the balance and cause a deicidal rampage not seen since the Old Testament! The drums of war beat louder and louder, and the Spirits of Vengeance are the only thing standing between the armies of heaven and hell!

Spirits of Vengeance #4 will be available at local comic shops and digital services on January 17, 2018.

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