Brandon Routh: Wally West Coming To ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

Brandon Routh: Wally West Coming To ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

An age-old grouse which several comic books and comic book based shows have repeatedly faced criticism about is to make a character from a particular under-represented group (be it race, gender or religion), exit to create space for another. As of now most shows are wary of it and avoid this, but, that leads to scenarios such as the one faced by DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, become a subject of criticism and jokes.

Franz Drameh, who plays Jax, one part of Firestorm, exited the show recently, and soon there was news about Keiynan Lonsdale introducing Wally West to the show. Chucking out one young, black character to bring in another was subject to fan jokes and questions, even when they were all excited about Wally coming home.

During a conversation with over the weekend’s DC in DC event, show’s star Brandon Routh stated that the cast and crew of the series are familiar with the issue, but, he doesn’t think it would affect fans, who also understand the characters, their history and what they can add to the story apart from their demographics.

“Yeah. You know, I think that goes with the talent that Keiynan brings to his role and to this newly-forming — is it forming? — energy of him coming in to be a part of our show for a little bit,” Routh aka Ray Palmer on the show, said. “I think, for the most part, our writers are writing for us as a team and putting the team first, and if we can make poignant stories about cultural differences or religious differences, then we do, but if we can’t, then we are all working together on the team to solve history, which is I feel like a place that we can get to in the world, where we can understand that we all have differences, but we can all talk person to person, human to human.”

Drameh’s exit from the series coincided with the exit of Victor Garber, who played the role of Dr. Martin Stein and happened to be Jax’s partner in the Firestorm Matrix. Although Garber’s departure was well known, Jax’s departure was surprising. Drameh recently visited the Waverider to allow his old fellows to meet his newborn child, indicating that the time had come for him to take a break.

Mark Pedowitz, Network President had stated during an interview recently that Wally would feature on Legends of Tomorrow for some time, but, didn’t tell whether Lonsdale would be a regular on the show. Lonsdale debuted on The Flash and has been pretty much ignored on the show. He recently took a break when his character left Central City for good.

There has been no information about the possibility of Jax’s return or Stein’s replacement on the Waverider.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow makes a comeback on Monday, February 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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