Ben Affleck Only Has 3 Movie Deal With Warner Brothers, There May Be Multiple BATMEN in DC Cinematic Universe.

Ben Affleck Only Has 3 Movie Deal With Warner Brothers, There May Be Multiple BATMEN in DC Cinematic Universe.

Ben Affleck’s future has become one of the most talked-about topics on the Internet. When Ben was introduced in BVS, the critics as well the fans called him the best part of the movie.

Everybody had set up their minds to rock with the brutal version of Batman, but a couple of days back Hollywood Reporter had published an article speculating that Ben Affleck will gracefully depart from the franchise. And that single article caused mega chaos amongst the fans only because it came from a reputable source.

However, during the Comic Con, even some interviewers got hold of Ben, and he confirmed that he is going to stay in the universe, as long as WB wants him to be. Now, this answer was a relief for the fans, but still, it wasn’t enough to convince them.

Then we got the news that Flash’s solo movie is going to be based upon the epic Flashpoint Paradox concept which is known to change the entire timeline in the comic books. To make things even more interesting Jeffery Dean Morgan, who is Thomas Wayne in the DCU, has teased a little about his role in the Flashpoint Universe. You can check out his teasing picture below:-

All of these complications got raised to a whole new level when Ben Affleck mentioned about his three movie deal with Warner Brothers. He said

“I’ve done the two movies. I’ve always intended on doing a third if Warners wants to make it. Certainly, if the Batphone rings, I will answer. I’d love to do it as long as they’ll have me. Eventually, it’ll be somebody else, and I’m sure they’ll get somebody great. But while I’m doing it, I’m going to do the best job I can, and really appreciate how lucky I am.

Now all of that sound right, but Ben has already acted in three DCU movies? So on that one, he cleared confusion saying “Suicide Squad was a small role, it won’t be counted.”

Which means, he still has one more movie to go, now which one will it be? Is it gonna be Matt Reeves “The Batman’, but what if Matt gets a trilogy? He has already said that he has a trilogy for Batman in mind. If we do a small calculation, Ben would be around 50 years old by the time he finishes up the third one.

We don’t think Matt is going to expand the story of an aged Batman. He is more likely to tell us a back story about the Batman we have today in the DCU, and he will be much younger. In fact, his approach towards the character will be completely different in tone than what we got from Zack Snyder.

All of this hints that there will be multiple Batmen in the DCU universe or may be who knows all of this is moving towards a much awaited Batman Beyond movie. With the possibility of a multiverse, anything can happen, and Flash’s movie will be the key to all  of this because his movie is about the controversial and highly successful story “FLASHPOINT PARADOX.” We will have to wait and see how things scope out in the DC Cinematic Universe, at this point everything is WAY TOO HAZY!

By the way, Ben has also stated that he left the Director’s  chair for “The Batman” because it was too much work for a single person, which is in contrary to the news sites reports that speculated “His lack of enthusiasm was the reason for leaving the director’s seat.” Yes, he is struggling with a divorce and alcohol addiction, but we still feel that he has what it takes to be a fantastic Batman! We have already witnessed that in Batman V Superman. We would love to see more of him, and his contract should get extended.

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