Ben Affleck Did NOT Sign for a Batman Trilogy and Batman Beyond Film.

Ben Affleck Did NOT Sign for a Batman Trilogy and Batman Beyond Film.

Sometimes gossip gets so wild that one has to pen down an article telling everybody that it’s not true. In the recent days, I’ve gotten many tweets and messages about a Ben Affleck Batman gossip that is 100% false.

A week ago, a South African fan-site asserted that Ben Affleck signed another contract to be a piece of Matt Reeves’ Batman trilogy, with the last film being inspired from Batman Beyond to set up the next phase of the DC Extended Universe. This is 100% false for some reasons, including the following; 

a) The news originates from a South African site that you’ve never known about.

b) The article was composed by “Edward Nigma” who’s otherwise known as The Riddler.

c) Even if Ben Affleck signed another Batman contract, it would be tremendous news on Hollywood sites that break this sort of news each and every day like Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Deadline.

No site would’ve taken this story from a South African site that they never knew about. They spread this story to a strange level. In fact, one couldn’t stop catching wind of it from Batman News readers and aficionados. This is precisely why this rumor needs to be dispelled.

We are aware that Ben Affleck has one more motion picture left on his contract. Can we hope to write another story about Affleck signing another Batman contract one day? Completely! However, when that article is written for Batman News, the source will be Warner Bros., Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, or Deadline. It won’t be a South African site run by The Riddler.

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