Avengers Infinity War : A Major Fan Theory Related To Captain America Is True

Avengers Infinity War : A Major Fan Theory Related To Captain America Is True

The Avengers’ actions caused a lot of destruction and loss of life and that prompted General Ross to demand the operational supervision which was to be ratified by 117 countries through the Sokovia Accords and this implied setting up of a UN Panel designated to monitor and control Avengers missions. This led to the creation of a wedge between Tony Stark and Captain America which resulted in the division of the Avengers into two teams led by each of the two heroes. This was the premise of the Captain America: Civil War which turned out to be the most loved superhero film of 2016 for Marvel fans and it grossed over one billion dollars.

Needless to say that Captain America is one of the most idolized, followed and loved superhero for the comic-book lovers.

He also happens to be among the humblest and most caring superheroes around.

While battling Loki and the Chittauri army led by him in the Battle of New York, he successfully led Avengers to a win in the face of existential threat from Ultron. Throughout the battle, he stood resolute and cared more for the team and the humanity than caring for himself.

Now a reliable MCU Exchange source has given a great scoop about Steve Rogers (Chris Evans).

It was shown that Captain had left his shield behind as he decided to move away from the Avengers instead of being a party to Sokovia Accords. As per the source, that he has indeed moved out permanently and is not headed back towards the shield anymore.

If that’s true then how will he fight Thanos? As per the website, he is now going to take up a new alias of Nomad which was also donned by him in Marvel comics way back in the 1970s. Which means that he will definitely take on the Mad Titan and his heartless destroyers, but, as a new identity.

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