ATTENTION- Justice League and Young Justice Animated Series Will Leave Netflix In August!

ATTENTION- Justice League and Young Justice Animated Series Will Leave Netflix In August!

If you are one those thousands of people that have put Justice League, Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice in your Netflix watch list for “Later view,” you need to hurry up! Netflix will be removing all of them in August, and you have just a couple of weeks to finish up the remaining episodes.

Both Justice League and Justice League: Unlimited are hugely successful DC shows, that have played a critical role in making DC’s famous characters amongst the fans. Justice League and Justice League are in the same universe and successor of DC’s famous animated shows that started the whole animated universe, Batman: The Animated Series & Superman: The Animated Series from the 90’s. On the other hand, Young Justice takes place in a different universe/earth/timeline, where Batman assembles a team of Young Heroes and gives them a purpose of utilizing their super powers for a good cause. All these shows have two seasons available on Netflix at this moment.

“Young Justice” was initially canceled by Warner Bros after two seasons, because they were not able to sell merchandise based on the show. They thought that the kids were not able to enjoy it because the characters looked more “Real Life-like.” After few years Netflix aired Young Justice, which was watched by a lot of adult audience, and they thought that it needs a season 3. A petition was created which was signed by thousands of fans, and it managed to get the attention of the right WB execs. After looking at the immensely positive response from the audience, WB decided to release a season 3.

Even thought Netflix played a significant role in the revival of the series, the season 3 of Young Justice will be exclusively available on CW’s paid streaming known as “Seed,” but we are sure that it will land on Netflix after few months so don’t worry on that front.

These three shows are extremely crucial for anyone who is looking to get into understanding the basics of DC characters and its diverse universe.

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