Astounding Joker Fan-Made Trailer Better Than Suicide Squad?

Astounding Joker Fan-Made Trailer Better Than Suicide Squad?

The DC Universe fan group has shared a fan-made trailer for their own J. is for Joker. What’s more, the outcomes are awesome. The inscription for the clip peruses:

“THIS is how the Joker should be done in the DCEU!”

Well, they may have a point. A considerable measure has been said about Suicide Squad and Jared Leto’s depiction of the Joker. As it is, some adore him and equally abhor him and his method acting. On the other hand, some can’t get over him releasing 30 Seconds to Mars upon our ears, which is a contention for some other time. That is the difficulty dealing with the most unbelievable baddie after Darth Vader.

This article is for entertainment only, it’s to kill some of your time, and appreciate some fan fiction. As it is, the DC Universe Facebook page is obviously playing around with it and you ought to as well. Damien Kazan is the director of the fan-made trailer and he does an awesome job of setting up the threatening nature of the Joker.

The trailer is based on of the comic book Shadow of the Bat #37 and was shot in one night. It is not known whether Daniel Hederich, who depicted the Joker, stayed in character all through the term of the shoot or if he gave individuals from the group a dead pig. However, rest assured, we’ll find out.

The trailer has an intelligent sound plan with a lot of overwhelming breathing and gasping to set the mood with a sensitive, ill-humoured score tucked underneath.

Now, when will we really get the opportunity to see more of Jared Leto and his unhinged depiction of the Joker? He was scarcely in Suicide Squad, making some people feel duped since the Joker was an immense selling point in the promotional material for the film.

There is no official news as to where we’ll witness Leto next. He has prodded photos of his character via social media over the most recent couple of months prompting wild theory that he may fly up in Suicide Squad 2 or even the independent Batman motion picture. With the way DCEU reports things, you’d figure we’d know before the content was even composed or even better, a declaration of an independent Joker motion picture before Batman, which is by all accounts the way DC rolls nowadays. I’m taking a look at you, Black Adam.

Therefore, whether you have a preference for Heath Ledger to Leto or the other way around is really not important. We should simply get some more Joker in with the general mish-mash.

How about we simply keep our fingers crossed that there’s a technique to DCEU’s frenzy and anticipate that we get more Joker somehow or another. In any case, we do agree that Kazan and his group made something for fans by the fans only for fun.

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