8 Grey Jedi Facts and FAQs: All That You Need To Know

3. Are Grey Jedi Canon?

Lamentably, they aren’t.


4. Are Grey Jedi Real?

In case you’re asking that they’re canon, they are not. Yet, in the event that you’re making the question pre-Disney and taking Legends into account, then they are. An example is Jolee Bindo. He was a Grey Jedi that served the Old Republic.
All Grey Jedi could accomplish this, despite the fact that the term didn’t specifically allude to those that were fit for utilizing both dark and light side Force capacities. The term was like that of “Dark Jedi” in that it could be connected to any Force-user, and not just to Jedi.
Since Sith have their code, they were never considered as Grey Jedi. The term was used at times to name rebellious or conventional Jedi who did not fulfil the requirements of being a Grey Jedi. Qui-Gon Jinn, in spite of the fact that he was a Jedi Knight and a Jedi Master, was now and then looked upon as being near to being grey since he would disobey and question the council and their code of conduct.
The Grey Paladins additionally utilized this same term to portray themselves. As it is, they supported the use of blasters and had minimum dependence on the Force yet held to the Jedi Code.


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