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8 Awful Eighties Fantasy Films You Possibly Forgot.

8 Awful Eighties Fantasy Films You Possibly Forgot.

Savages! Dinosaurs! Lasers! The early eighties is a golden period for aficionados of trashy sci-fi and fantasy movies. The brain boggles with how some of these ever got made. We have here a list of 8 Fantasy Films of the 80’s that you might have forgotten. Here goes….

1. “The Dungeonmaster” (1984)

The devious “Dungeonmaster” seizes a computer fellow and throws him into a cell to confront its trials. One of them is the metal band W.A.S.P. I can’t figure out why. The eighties were an extraordinary time. As awful a film as “The Dungeonmaster” is, it figured out how to leave its sign on pop culture with the quotation, “I reject your reality and substitute my own!”


2. “The Warrior and the Sorceress” (1984)

David Carradine, who got acclaimed by playing the warrior monk Cain on the hit TV show “Kung Fu”, essays the role of “Kain the Warrior” in this appalling Conan knock-off by John C. Broderick. Wikipedia states that it is “noted chiefly for containing extensive nudity and violence.”

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